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You Must PRE-Register for ALL Classes
except Line and Chicago Dance!


SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW OUR COMPLETE LIST OF CLASSES . Private lessons do not show on this calendar.

YOU MAY ALSO REGISTER BY  PHONE or IN PERSON. WE ACCEPT CASH, CHECKS CREDIT CARD. Have class suggestions and preferred times. please give us a call. If you visit our site often please be sure to refresh your screen to get the latest updates.


*REGISTRATION AND REFUNDS: Annual Membership Fee is required in order to sign up for "most" classes. The Registration fee is  $45 per family. This fee is non-refundable and only paid once per year, no matter how many family members or how many classes you take with us. There are no refunds. However, credits (when applicable) may be applied toward other classes/merchandise provided by BlackBox. By enrolling you agree to our terms. Class tuition costs vary.